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FileMaker 19 Update

Behavior Change#

GoSign used to use the fmp:// protocol. Although that might still work with FileMaker 19 on Mac and iOS it isn't working well on windows because FileMaker 19 introduced a new browser engine. FileMaker 19 added better JavaScript functionality. We can use that to fix the problem. Follow the instructions below.

Fix for FileMaker 19#

Follow the steps below to upgrade GoSign to work with FileMakert 19


GoSign will only work with FileMaker 19 or later once this fix is complete.

Step 1: Copy Text#

Open this text file in a new window and select all the text on it. You will paste this into part your GoSign web viewer calc, replacing some text that is already there. See image below.

Step 2: Open your GoSign WebViewer calc#

Open your FileMaker solution and navigate to the layout that has your GoSign Signature pad on it. Open the Calc.

Step 3: Replace the Hilighted Text#

See No 3 in the image below. Replace the highlited text with the text you copied Step 1

Step 4: Enable JavaScript#

No 4 in the image below. Enable JavaScript by checking "Allow JavaScript to perform FileMaker Scripts"