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GoSign FAQ


Q: Does GoSign run on FileMaker 12?#

A. Yes, but you will need the free BaseElements Plugin to save the signature to a container Field. This is because FileMaker 12 does not have the Base64Decode function.  BaseElements has this.  The GoSign module’s Decode Script automatically detects if the plugin is needed and uses it if it is installed. You can  download the plugin from its web site.

If you are using FileMaker 12, the file will need to be served.  If you don’t have a server you you can self host the file.  All that means is that you turn on sharing and then open the file a second time through open remote.  The demo file has an example of this.

Q: What versions of FileMaker do you support?#

A:  We will support versions of FileMaker that are officially supported. Read here for more details.

Q. Why do we need Reactor Lite for Windows?#

A. As of GoSignv3.0.3 we no longer need Reactor for windows. We recommend that windows users get the latest version of GoSign from their  account page, and reintegrate.  It will only take a few minutes, and well worth getting rid of Reactor. You can watch a video on the the change here.