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GoSign Installation


GoSign Version 3 can be installed in about 5 minutes. Just move the GoSign Module into your file by following these steps. Once the code is in place then you can move on to the  User’s Guide to see how to use GoSign in your solution.


GoSign no longer requires Reactor for windows machines.  In order to accommodate this change, you need to do one more step to the integration that is NOT covered in the videos below.  You can  read about the additional stepand watch a video that discusses it.

FileMaker Advanced Users#

  1. Copy and paste The GoSign table from the GoSign3.fmp12 file into your File.
  2. Copy and Paste the folder of scripts called “GoSign” from the GoSign3.fmp12 file into your File.

Regular FileMaker Pro Users#

If you don’t have FileMaker advanced you will need to move the table in by hand.  Its not a big table. It won’t take long. Then you can use the import Scripts button to move the scripts into your file.