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GoSign Signature Pad


Support for  Scriptel Signature Pads was added in version 3.5 of GoSign.

The Scriptel Signature Pads integrate directly with GoSign’s Signature Capture Engine. The signature pad Web Viewer object still needs to be on the layout but the users don’t see it.  They sign on the Scriptel Signature pads and their signature is sent to GoSign and GoSign converts it to a PNG. So the main difference between using the Scriptel Signature Pads and regular GoSign is that the GoSign web viewer is hidden, and there is one more object pasted on the layout.


The first part of the installation is the same as with out Scriptel Signature Pad support.  Here are the steps.

  1. Copy the GoSign table from the GoSign3.fmp12 file into your file.
  2. Copy the GoSign Scripts folder from the GoSign3.fmp12 file into your solution.
  3. Copy the Script Example scripts folder from the GoSign3.fmp12 file into your solution
  4. Paste the layout object from the GoSign3.fmp12, Scriptel Signature Pad layout into your layout


In this video we walk through each of the steps required to get Scriptel Signature Pads to work with FileMaker

Other Important Info#

The Scriptel Signature Pads connect to FileMaker through the little hidden web viewer. Therefor that web viewer needs to be active. That is it needs to be selected.  If the web viewer isn’t selected then the signature capture won’t work. Therefor you want to make sure that web viewer is the selected object when the user starts to sign.

The demo file has an example of how you might want to do that. Take a look at the scripts that are connected to the “Activate Signature Pad” button, and the Deactivate button.  They make sure that nobody can unselect the hidden web viewer as long as it’s active.